Eucharistic Revival

Jacob Rudd releases a stellar music video for “The Most Holy Eucharist,” from his 2021 album, 'While Earth Remains.'



Catholic musician Jacob Rudd has just released a music video for “The Most Holy Eucharist,” from his 2021 album, While Earth Remains.The song is a wonderful reflection on faith and the nature of the Eucharist, but coupled with the exceptional footage from the new video, it makes for an excellent anthem to keep the National Eucharistic Revival in mind, while showing off the beauty of faith practice

Opening with a solemn sounding organ, the song quickly gives way to Rudd’s refined guitar style. The verse sections are a bit more subdued as they speak of the importance of faith in life, but in the chorus, almost like clouds parting overhead, these contemplative tones shift gears toward a more hopeful and jubilant feel. All the while Rudd slowly builds the arrangement, adding some light drums and vocal layering. 

There’s a wonderful moment towards the end of the bridge when all this building of the sound breaks and Rudd proclaims “For in this bread God comes down. In this bread hope is found.” It was an excellent stylistic choice to sing these lines practically a capella, as it gives the line a much heavier impact to the listener and makes for a lovely reflection to suit the ongoing National Eucharistic Revival, which began in 2022 and will continue until 2024. 

On January 8, Rudd released a brand new music video for the song, produced by Guadalupe Films. Shot in HD quality, this video features heavy use of drones, which give the audience fantastic glimpses of natural vistas and scenic locals. Some of the footage was sourced from  the 2022 Esto Vir Conference held at the Shrine of Our Lady of Good Help. Rudd noted that he attended this event and can’t wait for their next men’s conference. 

Of the video, Rudd wrote: 

“My favorite part of being Catholic is being able to receive the Prince of Peace, Jesus the King of Kings, in the Eucharist. Such a blessing and outpouring of grace! I hope you enjoy the song and video … May we all grow in holiness by receiving Jesus worthily in the Most Holy Eucharist.”

The artist went on to note that the video was sponsored by Coffee of the Cross and Guadalupe Roastery, two Catholic coffee companies. He even included codes in the description to get his fans 10% off their purchases.

Jacob Rudd is a completely independent Catholic artist whose music and videos are recorded and produced thanks to his strong support team. Learn more about Jacob Rudd at his dedicated website and hear his excellent brand of faith music on Spotify and Apple Music.

From - J-P Mauro

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