Sidney's Dream


It was 9:37 PM on April 02, 2005, the Cardinal announces, "John Paul II has departed for the Father's house" and the bells of Saint Peter's Basilica rang, announcing mourning for the whole world since Saint John Paul II was a shepherd close to his flock, a traveler, and a holy man.

John Paul II had visited Nicaragua twice during his earthly life. The most known visit was his visit in 1983 during the Contra war, where extreme tensions existed between the Church Hierarchy and the Sandinista government. While celebrating Mass, it was repeatedly interrupted by protestors.  This was the first Papal Mass that had ever been interrupted. John Paul II said back to them in which he exclaimed that famous cry of Peace "The first one who wants Peace is the Church."

From April 2, 2005 onward, John Paul II earthy body remains in Rome. During John Paul II journey to eternity, he inspired a Nicaraguan man named, Sidney Pratt, through a dream.

Sidney talks about his dream

In an interview, Sidney said, "it was around 6:00 am on Saturday, April 17, I woke up crying, and happy, I knelt down and was shocked by what I had dreamed... It was so real that it seemed like I was living it." Pratt continues "I was walking up a mountain to the place where I have telecommunication antennas. Whenever I go, there are always some children named Leonardo, Mario, and German that greet me. And I greet them back and gift them some gum. This time to my surprise, when I walk up the mountain and they scream."

"Here comes the man! Here comes the man! Here comes the man!"

To which I ask: - Which man?

The children didn't pay attention to me, I soon realized that it wasn't me they were waiting for with the shouts! Here comes the man! Then suddenly I am already in the Mountain and I see coming out from where the stones are split in half (which Sukia was talking about), a great white horse with wings that looked like a pegasus.

The Horse flew up to about three meters and listened to how the wings moved... Fuuush... fuuuush... Fuuush, it was impressive, that white horse was enormous, but it wasn't so much the horse that impressed me, but rather the one on the horse was Pope John Paul II, He came dressed in white like his Papal attire, I climbed on the stones that are there and when the saint saw me he leaned over the horse's neck and exclaimed powerfully "God bless this land."  Then I woke up.

Weeks went by and Sidney didn't tell anyone about the dream.

Dream Confirmation

"Chico is a very particular charasmatic man"...

This is how Father John describes the one who would confirm the dream. When Chico was a boy, people would call him "Chico" out of affection, his real name is Francisco Segura. Chico is a very particular charismatic man.

Pratt, met Chico through the conversion of a friend of the family, the friend who converted name was Lorena. At the time Lorena was suffering from the terrible disease of Cancer, she had been in chemo therapy for 4 months, Lorena never had faith in her life, she was an atheist, a non-believer.

The family of Lorena invited Chico to pray for her, Chico laid his hands on her and invited the Holy Spirit, Lorena was moved so much by the Holy Spirit, that she converted. For the Pratt family, it was impressive to see how God moved through Chico to convert Lorena. Five months after Lorena's conversion, she died in God's grace. Sidney was profoundly impressed by Chico's gift of prayer and how Lorena converted in a matter of minutes. Days went by and Pratt once again saw Chico. Chico did not know anything about Pratt's dream. Chico very emphatically and direct asked Sidney:

- Have you had a dream lately?

"What?" Sidney thought. As it was a big surprise to him, because Chico didn't know anything about the dream. To Sidney, it's like a suspense movie since he couldn't believe what was happening or why he asked the question.

Sidney immediately told him about John Paul II's dream of April 17, 2005, and Chico asked to see a photo of the place where the dream was located. Sidney showed him the Apante mountain, Chico crossed himself and told me that it was a "Mountain of God" and a sacred place. Chico continued to inform Pratt that he needed to put a cross on it. Sidney acknowledged the comment, but a few months passed, and he did not act on Chico's comment.  Then, Chico called him again and asked "how the Cross is going?"  Sidney replied "I don't have plans to pay for a Cross to put there."  Chico replied, "I have not asked you for money to make any cross, I only know that you have to do it. God Blessed that land."


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